Brecksville Service Department

M - F from 7:30 to 4:00

Joe Kickel, Service Director

Regarding Refuse Collection:
To Schedule Pick up of appliances and scrap metal items: 440-526-1384


Trees - Large trees taken down do not constitute yardwaste whereas ongoing yard maintenance of lawns, shrubs, bushes and tree prunings is yardwaste. Large trees having a trunk diameter exceeding 6" will not be taken.
City of Brecksville Tree Policy - The City of Brecksville will remove dead or diseased trees from the City Right of Way (ROW) area.
The City of Brecksville is unable to go onto private property for tree removal.
The City of Brecksville will remove trees from the tree lawn area that have caused damage to the public sidewalk.
When engaging the services of a tree removal service or landscaper, the company should dispose of the trees or the homeowner is responsible. Trees or limbs 3" in diameter or less must be cut in lengths of 6' maximum and bundled without roots. Tie bundles securely at each end with twine only. Logs 4" to 6" diameter may be placed out singularly and not bundled, but stacked neatly.

Yardwaste - Yardwaste is grass cuttings, bushes, shrub and tree branch prunings, left over leaves or weeds from the previous fall, or an occasional small tree that is cut up and tied in 6' bundles not to exceed 50 pounds each. Grass cuttings, leaves, weeds and twigs must be placed in biodegradable yardwaste, 30-gal paper bags only. No other material or container will be accepted. Grass/leaf bags will be collected for recycling on your regular rubbish day from March to November. Please check the City Calendar for the correct dates.

Grass Clippings - Don't Bag Them! Grass clippings make great mulch for your garden or lawn. Not bagging your grass clippings will benefit your lawn and is an excellent way to reduce the waste stream. Leaving clippings on the lawn works best when the grass is cut into small pieces. Grass should be cut when it is 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" long and the clippings should be less than 1" long for faster decomposition.
Grass clippings do not cause thatch, which is dead and dying plant parts that accumulate above the soil surface of the lawn. By regularly leaving grass clippings on the lawn, you actually help reduce thatch problems. Before you stop bagging your grass clippings, remove any thatch from your lawn so grass clippings can filter down to the soil.
Leaving your clippings on the lawn makes mowing easier and returns nutrients and organic matter to the soil. The lawn will need less water and fertilizer.

Brush – Bundle with twine and place the brush with the butt end toward the curb. All brush must be bundled and picked up during yardwaste season.



Look for this symbol in your
Brecksville City Calendar for
Yardwaste collection dates.


Live cut Christmas trees are collected for mulching
the 1st business day after Christmas through the 2nd week in January.
Please check your City Calendar for the correct dates. Remove all trimmings and do not bag.