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The Jack A. Hruby Aquatics Center features a 25 yard indoor pool with a one-meter diving board, an adjacent whirlpool, and a series of glass doors that overlook and access the outdoor leisure pool. The skylights, wooden beams, and tropical palm trees give the area a warm feeling all year round. The newly constructed indoor and outdoor pools will open the summer of 2021. The outdoor pool has many water features including a slide, climbing rocks, basketball hoops a large dump bucker, 3 swim lanes and a lazy river. The new indoor pool has 2 slides and a water feature with dump buckets. Both pools have in-the-water seating areas.

Human Services

Any person wishing to use the Therapy Pool must have a Self Directed Therapy Verification Form signed by your doctor and have it on file.
Show More...No diving is permitted anywhere in the Therapy Pool.
Anyone needing assistance entering or exiting the pool must provide an aide or family member to assist them.
Staff members are not permitted to assist patrons with transfers. Staff members will be available to help with the use of the lift and/or ramps.
Any person with an obvious wound will not be permitted to use the Therapy Pool. No person who is observed passing feces, urine, or blood into the Therapy Pool shall be permitted to use the pool. Any person who has been refused entry to or removed from the Therapy Pool because of a wound may be granted entry upon presentation of a written statement from a physician that the condition is not infectious.
Prolonged exposure or excessive strenuous activity may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting. Alert a lifeguard immediately if you are experiencing any of these conditions.
Patrons must wear appropriate swim wear.
The Therapy Pool will close for at least 30 minutes in the event of thunder and/or lightning.
Patrons are not permitted to hang on steps, lane lines, or safety lines. Please use the handrails along the pool walls.
Glass and other sharp objects are not permitted.
No food is permitted on the pool deck.
Patrons should enter and exit through the Therapy Pool Locker Rooms.
Seating for observers is located in the hallway or Activity Room F adjacent to the Therapy Pool when Activity Room F is not otherwise occupied.
Equipment located in the Therapy Pool must be assigned, monitored, and/or supervised by a lifeguard or physical therapist.
All accidents, incidents, or discipline problems should be reported immediately to a lifeguard. Do not go to the clinic. ...Show Less



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Brecksville Aquatics Center

Pool Schedule

The JAH Natatorium Pool AND SPA will be CLOSED on
for BBHHS Swim Meets on the following days:
Wednesday, December 13
Wednesday, January 10
Wednesday, January 17
Wednesday, January 24
Both the JAH Natatorium Pool and Spa will
CLOSE FOR THE DAY AT 3 pm on the dates above.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter!

November 2023

Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim

Community Center Pool Definitions


Human Services Therapy Pool

Pool Schedule

November 2023

Human Services Therapy Pool Definitions

Therapy Pool Verification Form


Personal Floatation Devices


October through May

Age: 3 months - 5 years
Monday’s 10 am-1 pm Thursday’s 11 am-2 pm


Water Exercise Classes Offered

TNT Water Exercise
Tues & Thurs 9:00-10:00am with Audrey
TNT- Water Ex was developed to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals. This class is geared for participants of all ages and fitness levels. Varied exercises and repetitions allow participants to customize the workout to fit their needs. There is a high concentration on cardiovascular endurance and strength training with little to no impact on the joints. Participants will use a variety of equipment including float belts, noodles, stretch cords, and barbells

No Classes at this time