Meet Your New Police Station

The Brecksville Police Department would like to announce that effective immediately, we are now conducting all operations involving the public at the new police station located at 9020 Brecksville Road, which is located directly across the street from Brecksville City Hall.  The public parking lot and entrance to the station is located on the south side of the building.  Please do not use the north parking lot as that is for police vehicles and police operations only.   The Brecksville Safe Exchange Zone is also now located in the public parking lot of the new station.   These spots are now more visible and have video surveillance at all times.  For more information about our Safe Exchange Zone, please click here.  Another feature of the public parking lot is an emergency call box that is located on the east side of the parking lot by the Safe Exchange Zone.  It is on a blue post with a blue light on top and is highly visible from the road and the parking lot.  It can be used to summon help if you cannot leave your vehicle or enter the station.

The new station is open 24/7 for walk in reports or other matters that need immediate police attention.  The Records Department, which includes amongst other services, records requests and tow releases, will maintain its current hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  Those who come in to the station after those hours will use the phone located in the lobby to contact the Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center-Brecksville, which is located within the station, for immediate assistance.  

The new station now has two rooms that are designated as “Safe Rooms” directly off the lobby.  The Safe rooms provide an immediate safe area that those who feel they are in danger can directly go to, secure themselves in the room and await the arrival of the police.  The Safe Rooms can be locked from inside and have a phone that is available to contact Dispatch.  The Safe Rooms are also used as report rooms.  Officers will now be able to meet and greet those wishing to file a report or speak with an officer in a private room that is secure from the main police station, is free of distractions and allows for uninterrupted dialogue. 

The new station will also have a police museum that will be opening later this year that will showcase the history of the Brecksville Police Department as well as changes in the police profession over the last 75 years.  

To better serve and inform you of the capabilities of the Community’s new police station, we will be producing several short videos that will highlight the functions and capabilities of the new police station.  These videos will be made available on our web page.  And as always, please do not hesitate to contact the Brecksville Police Department with any questions or concerns that you might have.




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The Brecksville Police Department will do fingerprinting for Brecksville residents. Please call (440) 526-8900 to make an appointment.