Natural Gas and Electricity News

May 22, 2023
To say the least it’s been a crazy, unprecedented time in electric Energy Choice. First came NOPEC’s voluntary move of their electricity customers to the Illuminating Company’s variable rate last fall when NOPEC’s variable electricity rate went to 12 cents per kWh. That was followed by throwing everything in reverse when the Illuminating Company warned that their variable rate (the “Price to Compare”) would swing from 5.9 cents to 12.4 cents starting June 1. All former NOPEC customers are being moved back to NOPEC for their rate of 6.45 cents which will run from June 1 to December 31.
Since we don’t know where rates will go after that we are advising taking NOPEC’s fixed rate of 6.85 cents for two years with no early termination fee. Of course there are lower rates but these are “for profit” companies and they have ways of making a profit off you know who. For example, some of them are now charging monthly fees. NOPEC is a nonprofit with no early termination fees. As Southwest Airlines once advertised, “You’re free to move about the country.”
NOPEC’s number is 855-667-3201. And hallelujah, the three hour wait is back to about 3 seconds.
As to natural gas, some of you are still paying a higher rate because you didn’t notice that gas rates have gone down significantly. The NOPEC variable rate is now $2.48. The fixed rate is $5.09 for 2 years with no early termination fee. Yes, you can find a lower rate on the Apples to Apples chart but some of the for profit companies have a nasty practice of renewing your contract at a much higher rate if you’re not paying attention as many people don’t. Buyer Beware.
So, if you’re paying more than 6.85 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity or more than $5.09 for natural gas “you’re paying too much.”
Wrapping it up, many people call and don’t have their most recent electric and gas bills in front of them. PLEASE, do not call unless you’re ready with your bills right by the phone. And if they’re on your computer print them off first!
Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2606.
The opinions expressed are those of Ted Lux and do not necessarily reflect those of Mayor Hruby or City Council.