Brecksville Human Services Department - Dining

The Human Services Center offers 2 meals per week.

Tuesday Brunch for just $5. It is open to everyone. Full course breakfast. Serving from 9:30 - 10:30am. Gathering Room open until 11 am.
Thursday Lunch Once a month there will be a "Dine-in Day", no Grab and Go Service on that day. Just like Brunch, reservations are required and pay at the desk.

Grab and Go Lunch Lunches are $5 per serving and open to Brecksville residents over 60 years of age.
The monthly menus are included on the calendar in the Resource column to the right.


LobsterFest Grab n Go

October 7 2022 from 5 - 6:30 pm
The return of the culinary piece de’ resistance, LOBSTERFEST!!! It’s at The Human Services Center and sells out each year! And once again Lobsterfest is sponsored by the fine folks at the Regina Health Center on Broadview Road in Richfield.
Human Services Director Steve Paciorek will whip up his famous Maine Lobster Rolls and ladle some authentic seafood chowder topped with oyster crackers, plus Chef Dina’s Cranberry Pecan Cole Slaw and for dessert her Blueberry Bottom Cake. It is truly YUMMY!!!!! The lobster meat and chowder (or “chowda” as they say in Maine!) are flown in from the Maine Diner in Wells, Maine which has been featured on The Today Show and the TV show, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”
You’ll think you’re in Bar Harbor, or Bah Hawbah as they say in New England.

Cost $38 per person, Drive-Thru Grab & Go only,
Pre-paid reservation in person at Human Services,
Pick up times A-L 5-5:45; M-Z 5:45-6:30.



Monthly Calendars

September 2022


Grab and Go Lunches and a Dine-In Day
Once a month there will be a "Dine-in Day", no Grab and Go Service on that day. Just like Brunch, pay at the desk.
Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Grab & Go Lunches, reservations are necessary:
Please call the Human Services office 440-526-2499 on Thursday morning to make your reservation for the following week. To be fair to everyone, reservations for “first-call-first serve” is the only way we can fill the continually “SOLD OUT” lunches.
This is for Brecksville residents 60 years + only.
Thursday Pick Up: Last Names: A-L 11:30 and M-Z 12 noon
$5 resident/non-resident (all meals are subject to change without notice)

September 2022


Tuesday Brunch Bunch
Every Tuesday 9:30 - 10:30 am. The Gathering Room is open until 11 am. $5 per person Reservations required. All are welcome!

September 2022

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