Brecksville Recreation Department - Membership

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General Phone Number: 440-546-2300

Director of Recreation
Tom Tupa

Athletic Facilities and Program Coordinator
Jim Kolesar

Aquatics and Facilities Coordinator
Bob Pliske

Fitness Director
Rhonda Miko

Finance/Customer Service Clerk
Padmini Patnaik

Brecksville Community Center membership is available to Brecksville residents only. Memberships must be purchased in person at the Brecksville Community Center.

Membership Fees

Family Type Description Full Rate
December 1st
ProRate 1
April 1st
ProRate 2
June 1st
ProRate 3
October 1st
Family Two Parents & Child(ren) 5-17yrs $345.00 $258.75 $172.50 $86.25
Single Parent One Parent & Child(ren) 5-17yrs $285.00 $213.75 $142.50 $71.25
Married Couple Two Parents & Child(ren) under 5yrs $330.00 $247.50 $165.00 $82.50
Adult 18 & older $215.00 $166.25 $107.50 $53.75
Senior 60 years & older by the end of year $110.00 $82.50 $55.00 $27.50
Student Children 5 -17 $120.00 $90.00 $60.00 $30.00
College Undergrad Students 17 - 22 $120.00 $90.00 $60.00 $30.00
Disabled Proof required (declared by state) $110.00 $82.50 $55.00 $27.50
Corporate Member *Approved by Mayor's Office $245.00 $245.00 $122.00 $122.50
Corporate Member Spouse *Approved by Mayor's Office $170.00 $170.00 $85.00 $85.00

Military Leave/Special Circumstances - Monthly prorate for period home. Children under 5 do not require a membership.



Membership Policy

Annual registration fees are pro-rated quarterly.
Two proofs of residency are required when registering or renewing you Community Center Membership.
Please provide one proof from Group A and one proof from Group B. College Students are asked to please provide a Current Semester Tuition Statement or Class Schedule in addition to their proofs of residency.

Group A
Current Drivers License or State ID
Current Student ID
Passport or Visa
Military ID

Group B
Current Utility Bill (Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric or Telephone)
Current Charge Account Statment with Name & Address
Current Bank Statement

Guest Fees
Adult $7.00
Student Ages (5-17)$4.00
Senior Citizen $2.00
Disabled $2.00
Family ( up to 2 adults & 4 children) $15.00
Care Provider $3.00
Personal Trainer Fee $7.00

Guest Fee Policy
Residents who have not paid an annual registration fee may enter for a guest fee. Non-resident guests must be signed in and accompanied by a member. Signing in guests is a privilege of membership. All guests agree to abide by Community Center rules and regulations.