Brecksville Police Travel Advisory

Brecksville Police Travel Advisory


Construction on Rt. 82 between Rt. 21 and I-77 will begin on Monday, February 26, 2018.  Both east and west bound lanes will be effected.  It is anticipated that the project will take an estimated 4 months to complete.

Traffic lanes and patterns will be changed at different phases of construction.  Please be advised that commute times on Rt. 82 through the entire City of Brecksville are expected to be delayed substantially.  It is strongly suggested that alternate routes be used if possible.  If your final destination is within the construction zone, please allow extra time, be patient and drive safely.

Below are suggested routes to avoid the construction delays:

From I-77 NB:  Exit at Brecksville Road (Rt. 21) NB in Richfield
             If planned travel is EB to Summit County:
            Option A:  Proceed on RT. 21 NB to Snowville Road
                        Turn right on Snowville Road
                                                 Turn left on Riverview Road
                                                 Turn right on Rt. 82
            Option B:  Proceed on RT. 21 NB
                                           Turn right on Rt. 82
              This route will avoid construction but will
              Still experience delays

From I-77 SB:  Exit at Pleasant Valley Road in Independence
            If planned travel is EB to Summit County:
                Exit at Pleasant Valley Road and turn right
                Turn right on Valley View Road
                Turn right on Chaffee Road
                Turn left on Rt. 82