Gas & Electric News

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If you have any questions contact the City Representative, Ted Lux: (440) 526 - 2499

Natural Gas and Electricity Updates

January 16, 2017

Primarily because of the see-saw winter weather natural gas rates have been on a roller coaster but they are still less than two years ago and about half of what they were 15 years ago.
The rate on your January bill should be no higher than $3.18. Unfortunately there was a spike in the natural gas futures in December which sets the rate for gas consumed from mid-January to mid-February and therefore the rate on your February bill will go up to $3.93. Two years ago the rate at the same time was $4.28.
Quite a number of people contacted the City about the letter from NOPEC regarding the change in electricity suppliers. Our recommendation was to do nothing which would automatically put you in NOPEC’s fixed rate which is just a smidge under 5 cents per kilowatt hour though June, a rate lower than a year ago. At that time we’ll examine rate choices and update our information. There are lower rates out there right now but the minimal savings aren’t worth the hassle to switch.
Because of the change in suppliers you will see the name NextEra Energy replacing First Energy Solutions, probably on your February bill. The bill will still come from The Illuminating Company. As always if you have any questions about electricity or gas rates call the Human Services Center at 526-2499.

And finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 526-2499.

The opinions expressed in this advisory are solely those of Ted Lux and are not endorsed by the Mayor or City Council of the City of Brecksville.