Gas & Electric News

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If you have any questions contact the City Representative, Ted Lux: (440) 526 - 2499

Natural Gas and Electricity Updates

April 24, 2018

Fortunately it’s easy to determine who your natural gas and electricity supplier should be. Naturally you still are billed for gas by Dominion and electricity by The Illuminating Company. The supplier for each is NOPEC/NextEra Energy. That name should appear on the left side of your gas bill and the lower right side of your electric bill. If it doesn’t call the Brecksville Human Services Center at 526-2499.
It is OK if your gas bill has the words, “Standard Service Offer (SSO)” or “Standard Choice Offer (SCO).” However, if you see “Monthly Variable Rate (MVR)” that is not good Keem-O-Sabe. Call 526-2499 right away if you do.
It’s recommended that you have the variable rate for gas. The variable gas rate on your April bill should be no more than $2.63. On your May bill it should be no higher than $2.76.
The rate on your most recent electricity bill should be no higher than .0560.
Also, if you’re with NOPEC for electricity you recently received a mailer titled, “We’re giving our electric customers a $9 million break on their Spring bills!” Customers are receiving a reduction on the electricity portion of their bills. It’s a long story why and it’s very nice that NOPEC has made this happen, and it’s important, but when the savings are broken down per bill you probably won’t notice a major difference.

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 526-2499.

The opinions expressed in this advisory are solely those of Ted Lux and are not endorsed by the Mayor or City Council of the City of Brecksville.