Gas & Electric News

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If you have any questions contact the City Representative, Ted Lux: (440) 526 - 2499

Natural Gas and Electricity Updates

Brecksville Natural Gas and Electricity Information Meeting

Each year Brecksville holds an informational meeting about natural gas and electricity prices. If you want to be sure you are paying the lowest gas and electricity rates in the upcoming heating season this meeting is a must. This year’s meeting will be Wednesday, September 27 at 6:30 pm at the Human Services Center, 2 Community Drive.
It is very important to bring your most recent Dominion Energy (formerly Dominion East Ohio) gas bill and your most recent Illuminating Company bill with you. That way we can provide one-on-one advice.
The gas rate on your August Dominion bill should have been no higher than $3.04. If it is you need to attend the meeting. Your gas rate is about half way down the left side of the bill on the line that begins with “Gas Cost.”
The rate on your Illuminating Co. bill varies from neighborhood to neighborhood but your rate should be no higher than 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH) which is also expressed as .065. If your rate is higher you need to come to the meeting. Your rate can typically be found a little more than half way down the right side of your bill. It is on the line that begins with “Basic Charge.” It is not the “Price to Compare” in bold on the upper left hand side.
From now to the end of the year you will be bombarded with phone calls, letters and people coming to your door trying to get you to switch to their respective companies. DON’T SIGN UP WITH THEM!! They have no offer that you want. All residents should be with NOPEC for gas and electricity.
And finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 526-2499.

The opinions expressed in this advisory are solely those of Ted Lux and are not endorsed by the Mayor or City Council of the City of Brecksville.