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Ron Weidig, Service Director
Contact Us via Email
Regarding Refuse Collection: 440-526-1384
To Schedule Pick up of appliances and scrap metal items: 440-526-1384

Streets & Roads

Services Provided
  • Street Maintenance: including pothole patching, curb & gutter repair, base repair, guardrail repair, utility cut repair
  • Street Sweeping: including sweeping of streets and parking lots, we also sweep for special functions
  • Drainage Maintenance: including cleaning and reshaping roadside ditches, cleaning and repairing damaged drainage structures. Roadside ditches are maintained on as-needed basis as well as upon request from citizens.
  • Right of Way Maintenance: consist of mowing public right-of-ways excluding residential curb and gutter areas, performing litter control along public right-of-ways excluding residential curb and gutter areas.
  • Construction Services: intersection improvements, construction of drainage structures, street improvements, guardrail and fence construction, and miscellaneous new and maintenance-related infrastructure improvements.
  • Street Resurfacing: including milling, paving, base repair and resurfacing. Based on a pavement assessment program that evaluates pavement conditions. The resurfacing program is undertaken by in-house resources as well a through private contractors.
  • Traffic Markings: crosswalks, stop lines, turning arrows, etc.
  • Total Lane Miles: 175
  • Sanitary Sewer Services Provided to the City of Brecksville by Cuyahoga Sanitary Engineers in recent years.  
For a complete list of all City streets, see the Street Index. In the future, this will include information about the expected repaving schedule for each street/street segment.

The Service Department receives and responds to citizen requests in the above-mentioned areas. All service requests can be placed by calling the Service Department (440) 526-1384