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Ron Weidig, Service Director
Contact Us via Email
Regarding Refuse Collection: 440-526-1384
To Schedule Pick up of appliances and scrap metal items: 440-526-1384


ReduceReuseRecycle-(1).gifRecycling Guidelines

Recycling Collection Schedule

Curbside recycling collection is an every other week schedule and will continue to coincide with your rubbish collection day. This will provide more collections throughout the year and alleviate the occasional three week period of no recycling collection that occurred with the former schedule.

Please put your recyclable items in a separate location away from your refuse. We recommend you put your recyclable items on one side of your driveway at the curb and put your refuse on the other side. Two distinct locations for these items will avoid missed collections and ensure efficient service.
Place your recyclables and refuse at the curb line or edge of shoulder. Items not at curb side or at the edge of the roadway will not be collected.
Place your refuse and recyclables curbside by 7:30 a.m. on collection day - some days we have extra crews or reverse the routes so please have your material out early.
Recycling is collected every other week on the same day as your rubbish collection

Please call the Service Department at 440-526-1384 with questions regarding the recycling schedule.

If your recycling day falls on a holiday, recycling will be held on the following work day along with your regular rubbish pick-up. Blue plastic bags are reserved exclusively for recycling and may not be removed when used for rubbish. Please place blue bags, cardboard and newspaper at least six feet away from rubbish on scheduled recycling collection days.

Plastic Bottles, Glass and Cans can be combined into one common BLUE PLASTIC BAG.

Plastic - Acceptable plastic includes:
  • Plastic bottles such as water and beverage bottles with caps on
  • Beverage Jugs such as milk or juice with caps on
  • Food jars such as mayonnaise and peanut butter with caps on
  • Plastic tubs such as yogurt and cottage cheese with caps
  • Laundry, shampoo and soap containers.
Glass - Acceptable glass includes bottles and jars only.

Cans - Acceptable cans include food and beverage cans only.

No cups, plastic bags, trays, webbing, flower pots or Styrofoam.

Newspaper & Magazines - Newspapers, magazines, and junk mail can be combined and tied into bundles or place in brown paper grocery bags or blue plastic bag.

Corrugated Cardboard – Break down boxes by cutting taped seams allowing the boxes to collapse. Stack flattened boxes and tie securely. The only exception is large appliance boxes which may be laid flat without tying, however they must be broken down and flattened.

Automotive - Oil, solvents, anti-freeze and batteries must be in plain view. Label and securely seal liquids in plastic bottles with threaded lids. Plastic bottles having "pop-off" or "snap" type lids are unacceptable. Keep liquids separate. Automotive fluids and paint products must be put out only for recycling. They will not be taken in your rubbish.

Propane Tanks - (Full or empty) - Leave with recycling separate from rubbish. Tanks will not be taken with rubbish.
Visit for more information about recycling.

National Cristina Foundation (203) 863-9100
Matches Pentium and higher PCs and certain Apple models with area nonprofits and arranges for pickup or shipping. The system must have a hard drive, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Will provide a tax deduction receipt.

Another Byte Nonprofit Recycling & Reuse Network: A Resource Center for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide


 Hewlett-Packard Computer Recycling provides pre-paid mailing labels to ship and recycle most brands of PC computers and peripherals.   

IBM PC Recycling Network
(888) SHOP-IBM Provides pre-paid mailing labels for $29.99 for each box of any brand computer systems or peripherals up to 26x26x26 inches up to 69 pounds per box. The system will then be recycled or considered for refurbishing to be donated to Gifts in Kind International (GIKI). If requested, IBM will provide a receipt of the equipment for recycling or donation.

All Major Appliances and Large Metal Items
Please call 440-526-1384 or 526-2643 to have your address placed on a list for special collection of large metal items. These collections will take place each Friday except when Friday is a holiday.

The items to be collected on Fridays include refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, ranges, washers, dryers, water tanks, metal bath tubs, riding mowers, garage door openers, metal cabinets, steel drums, and certain other large amounts of metal or large metal items. Metal Swing sets, bicycles, gutters and wire fencing  are also included for a Friday pickup.  Call if you have a questionable item prior to placing it at the curb to avoid having it left at the curb following your regular refuse collection.

Air Conditioning Units
The City of Brecksville can not nor will not accept Central Air Conditioning units discarded with your rubbish nor dropped off at our Service Department Recycling area which have not been removed and tagged by an E.P.A. licensed person.
These are strictly regulated by Federal and State law prior to removal and disposal.

Paint Exchange:
Sealed cans may be brought to the Service Department on Saturday mornings and residents are welcome to take paint held at the Service Yard for their own use at no charge.
This is a first come first served basis only. Ask the attendant.

Disposal Tips For Home Health Care
You can help prevent injury, illness, and pollution by following some simple steps when you dispose of sharp objects and contaminated materials you use in administering health care in your home. You should place NEEDLES, SYRINGES, LANCETS, AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS in a hard plastic (such as a laundry detergent jug) or metal container with a screw-on cap or tightly secured lid.
Before discarding a container, be sure to reinforce the lid with heavy-duty tape. Do not put sharp objects in any container you plan to recycle, and do not use glass or clear plastic containers.
Containers with sharps are not recyclable You may want to label the container, "NOT FOR RECYCLING." These steps go a long way toward protecting workers and others from possible injury.
On the Internet, medical waste information can be found at the following site: EPA Medical Waste Program

Mercury Thermometers & Thermostats
The Brecksville Recycling  Program allows participants to recycle mercury and mercury-containing devices for free. The program encourages proper mercury disposal and thus reduces the amount of mercury going to landfills, sewers or directly to the environment. If you have questions concerning mercury disposal please contact the Service Department, 526-2643.
Place in tightly sealed plastic bag and bring to Recycling Center on Saturdays only from 8 am to noon. Please hand deliver to the attendant.
No alcohol or digital thermometers.

Old Computer/Cell Phone Drop Off
Residents can drop off old computers and related equipment and cell phones to the Brecksville Service Department on Saturdays Only from 8 a.m. - 12 noon.  This collection is in conjunction with the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District Computer Roundup Program.
Televisions are not accepted during Recycle Your Computer Month.  While there is no ban in Ohio on placing televisions and electronics in the regular trash, there are retailers and local companies that offer recycling services for these items.  There may be a fee.

Disposal of Fluorescent Bulbs/Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL)
Compact fluorescent lamps and other energy-efficient lighting such as linear fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps contain a very small amount of mercury.  While mercury is a useful element with many applications, it can pose a threat to human health and the environment if thrown in the trash or flushed down a sink. While the amount of mercury in common household items is small, the cumulative effect is significant when thousands of these items end up in landfills or wastewater treatment facilities.  All fluorescent bulbs should be recycled properly to protect public health and the environment.
Lowe's Home Improvement stores has a recycling bin in place for CFL bulbs and fluorescent bulbs 4' and under in the front of their store.

Recycle Drop Off - Saturdays Only

Hours of operation on Saturday are from 8 am until noon.
Only Separated Recyclable Materials Will Be Accepted.

The Service Department will collect the following for recycling:
Corrugated Cardboard    Magazines, Catalogs & Junk Mail
Newspaper    Food & Beverage Cans
Office, Note & Ledger Paper    Kerosene/Heating Oil
Computer & Shredded Paper    Paint, Stain, Solvents
Phone Books (Seasonal)    Lawn, Garden & Pool chemicals
Antifreeze    Motor Oil
Auto Batteries    Propane Tanks
Computers/Cell Phones    Bicycles - Useable or Scrap
Scrap Metals - All Kinds    Appliances
Glass & Plastic - Bottles Only    
For questions about something not listed - please call ahead: 526-2643. Thank you.

Location for Saturday rubbish drop off is at the Service Department 9023 Brecksville Road.
Brecksville Service Department  - Please use the north gate only for access.


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