Safety Tips

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In Case of Emergency please call 911
or (440) 526-1234

Brecksville Police Department
9069 Brecksville Road
Brecksville, Ohio 44141

Non-emergency: (440) 526-8900
Fax.:  (440) 546-2002

Safety Tips


  • Be aware of persons loitering near or following you to an ATM.
  • Try to use ATMs in daylight hours.
  • Block the view of persons behind you when using ATMs.
  • Do not stand at the ATM and count your money.
  • Remember to take your ATM card and receipt from the machine

Cell Phone

  • Keep cell phone turned on and easily accessible.
  • Pre-program emergency contact numbers


  • Slow down. Allow more time to reach destinations.
  • Adjust your driving to weather conditions.
  • Allow more room between your vehicle and the vehicles ahead of you.
  • Look ahead. Look approximately 1/4 mile down the road and watch for brake lights, vehicle sliding, and traffic congestion. Be prepared to stop safely.
  • If your vehicle begins to slide, do not lock your brakes. Turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction of the slide.
  • Watch for deer in the roadway. If you can safely avoid the deer, do so. In some instances, it is better to strike the deer than to swerve to avoid it. Swerving can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and leave the roadway, possibly striking another object.
  • Check your vehicle equipment periodically (brake lights, tail lights, headlights, turn signals, tire inflation).
  • Keep your gas tank full.
  • Keep windshield washer fluid reservoir full.
  • Keep snowbrush, small snow shovel, small container of ice melter, blanket, flashlight, first aid kit, etc. in vehicle.
  • Do not operate a vehicle if consuming alcoholic beverages.
  • Designate a driver or call a cab if necessary.
  • Avoid cell phone use when driving. Be attentive.


  • Never leave auxiliary heaters unattended.
  • Keep an eye on lit candles and keep them out of reach of children.
  • If you have a live Christmas tree, be sure to keep the tree watered.
  • Do not overload outlets with electrical cords.
  • If using a wood burning fireplace, be sure the fire is out before going to bed. Have the flue cleaned regularly.
  • Check fire extinguishers, smoke and CO2 detectors regularly.


  • Leave lights on when not at home.
  • Put lights/TV/radio on a timer to give the appearance that the home is occupied.
  • Advise a neighbor if you are planning to be away for an extended period of time. Request that they watch the home until you return.
  • Use the home alarm system, if so equipped.
  • Do not place gifts where they can be viewed from windows/doors.
  • Do not put Christmas gifts out until it is close to Christmas Day.
  • Secure valuables/jewelry/ cash when entertaining.
  • Shred credit card receipts and/or any papers containing personal information.
  • On rubbish day, break down boxes from gifts/purchases and tie them with the labels facing in. Do not advertise what is in your home.
  • Do not let anyone into your home unless they are there by appointment. Ask for credentials and/or a phone number to call if someone comes to your home and claims to be from a utility company, home improvement company, mortgage company, etc. Most legitimate companies do not solicit door to door. They do business by appointment. Consult a family member/attorney before signing contracts.
  • Do not let anyone talk you into coming out of your house to look at repairs they feel need to be done. While you are outside with this person, other person(s) may enter and rob your house.
  • Keep your house locked while outside doing yard work, sunbathing, etc. Burglars will enter your house while you are outside. One will stay out and be the lookout and they communicate with cell phones.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter your house to use the phone. Offer to call someone for them or offer to call the police for assistance.
  • When selling items, insist on cash payment. Do not take personal checks. Money orders can be altered to show an amount greater than the value of the money order. Do not take a check/money order for an amount greater than the sale price of the item. Con artists will do this and ask you to give them back the difference in cash. The check will then turn out to be bogus and you will lose not only the item, but also the cash. If you must take a check, ask for identification, a phone number, and write down the buyer’s license plate number.
  • Call police immediately if you become suspicious. Attempt to get a vehicle description and direction of travel. Provide a good description on suspect. Do not be fooled by correspondence claiming that you have won a prize and need to send money to collect your winnings. Legitimate lotteries/sweepstakes/contests do not require any pre-paid fees. If you have not signed up to win any lotteries/sweepstakes/contests, you can not be a winner.
  • Do not get fooled by letters asking you to deposit money or open accounts in your name. These letters generally are from foreign countries and willask you to give the sender your account number and/or personal information in order to deposit some check(s). Once they have this information, they will empty your accounts.
  • Do not donate to solicited charities. Choose legitimate charities you wish to donate to and stay with those charities.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Predators attempt to deceive you by gaining your trust or promising you things that do not exist, such as cash, gifts, vacation packages, etc. Use common sense.

Parking Lots

  • Park your car near other vehicles.
  • Park your car in a well-lit spot.
  • Take note of where you parked your vehicle, so you are not wandering the parking lot.
  • Be aware of persons following you to your vehicle. Look about the area.
  • Be aware of persons loitering in the area of your vehicle.
  • Have your keys in your hand prior to approaching your vehicle.
  • Walk to your vehicle with others, if possible.
  • Look inside your vehicle before entering.
  • Place packages in the trunk or out of sight in the vehicle.
  • Lock your doors immediately upon entering your vehicle.
  • Try to limit packages to an amount easy to carry. Consider bringing a large shopping bag with handles.
  • Do not be afraid to drop your packages and run if a potential attacker confronts you.
  • Do not open doors or windows for anyone approaching your vehicle.
  • If someone attempts to enter your vehicle, blow the horn or activate the car alarm if so equipped.
  • If someone attempts to push their way into your vehicle, quickly exit out the other side.
  • If an attacker confronts you, surrender your packages and/or valuables.
  • If the situation is a carjacking, surrender your vehicle, but do not get into the vehicle.


  • Report any incident to the police. It may be part of a pattern of criminal activity.
  • Pay attention to detail so that you can provide an accurate description to the police.
  • Write down information if possible. It will be easier to remember facts later on.


  • Keep your purse on your shoulder. Do not place your purse in the shopping cart.
  • Keep your purse/wallet closed while shopping.
  • Do not flash cash and/or credit cards.
  • Bring only the amount of cash/credit cards you will need.
  • Be aware that persons can use a camera phone to photograph your credit card while standing in checkout lines.
  • Carry cash in your pocket instead of purse/wallet, if possible.
  • Be aware of persons following you in the store/mall. Report suspicious persons to store personnel/security officer.
  • Do not leave the store/mall if you feel you are being followed.


  • Walk/jog with a sense of awareness. Show confidence (head up, look about). Do not look like a victim.
  • Carry few valuables (cash/jewelry).
  • Be familiar with the area.
  • Vary times and routes so that you do not create a pattern that can be observed.
  • Carry some form of identification in case of an emergency.
  • Take a friend or dog as this makes you less of a target.
  • Advise someone of when and where you are going and when you should return.
  • Carry a whistle with you.
  • Carry a flashlight at night.
  • Avoid being stopped by strangers. Continue walking/jogging.