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In Case of Emergency please call 911
or (440) 526-1234

Brecksville Police Department
9069 Brecksville Road
Brecksville, Ohio 44141

Non-emergency: (440) 526-8900
Fax.:  (440) 546-2002
email: police@brecksville.oh.us

The City of Brecksville was ranked #81 the safest cities in the US in 2017 by Safewise.


The City of Brecksville was recently ranked the safest mid-sized city in the State of Ohio in 2016. 

Overall, Brecksville was ranked the third safest community in the State.  This study and ranking was done by Value Penguin.  Please follow the provided link to their website to view the entire study and learn more.
The Police Department is proud to be a part of a City that is year in and year out ranked among the safest Cities in the area, state and nation.  We are proud of our efforts that help contribute to these rankings.  Please know however, that theses rankings cannot be achieved by the Police Department alone.  It is truly a community effort that continues to keep the City of Brecksville near the top of most Safe City Surveys.

We are fortunate to have a watchful and diligent community who is willing to get involved.  As has been said before, the residents are our eyes and ears and your continued involvement is both helpful and needed.

The police department is fortunate and thankful to have Elected Officials and a City Administration that recognizes the importance of safety and security and supports the efforts of the police department.  Many of the things the police department does would not be possible without their support.

This ranking is truly a team effort that we can all be proud of!



Our Mission

To uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Laws of the State of Ohio, and the Codified Ordinances of the City of Brecksville.

To provide the highest quality of services as determined by the citizens of Brecksville, to protect life and property against criminal attack, and to provide services to the individual members of society and other governmental agencies.

To prevent crime and delinquency and to strive to create an environment of stability and security in the community.

To continually evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness, and efficiency of the Police Department’s ongoing operations

To follow established policies and procedures and to ensure resources are used efficiently and economically

To attract and retain quality employees dedicated to the performance of their duties in a highly ethical and moral fashion