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Fire-Patch.pngOur MissionTo prevent or minimize the loss of life, loss of property and damage to the environment from the adverse affects of fire, medical emergencies and natural or manmade disasters.The Brecksville Fire Department is a full time fire department with a staff of full time and part time or volunteer firefighters. Our primary concern and objective is the preservation of life and property. Our current members include:
1 Chief
3 Lieutenants
14 full time firefighters
26 part time/volunteer firefighters

fire_0000_SANY0304.jpgThe services that we provide to the community are fire protection and suppression, EMS, Rescue, Public Safety Education, and Fire Prevention. The area of Brecksville that we cover is 19 square miles with a population of 13,000 residents. Here at the Brecksville Fire Department we are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to serve the needs of our citizens and all who visit the City of Brecksville.


fire_0003_IMGP9308.jpgThe fire department responds to all reported calls of fire or alarms indicating the possibility of fire. The on duty shift responds to all fire related calls and in the event that more man power is needed a call will be put out for all off duty and volunteer firefighters. Mutual aid agreements are also in place with neighboring communities in the event that even more manpower or equipment is needed for the safety of both our residents and our firefighters.


lucas.pngWe respond with an Advanced Life Support equipped squad to all calls of medical emergencies. The Brecksville Fire Department has 22 Paramedics and 12 EMTs. All firefighters are required to be certified EMTs. Currently the fire department has 3 squads. We are under the medical direction of Marymount Hospital. We transport patients to Marymount, Parma General, St. Michael’s, St. Vincent Charity, Metro General, Marymount South and Sagamore Medical Center. We try to accommodate the patient or family’s request to transport to the hospital of their choice. However, the patient’s condition will determine the closest appropriate hospital to be transported. Sometimes we will call for the assistance of Metro Life Flight or University Med Evac for support to transport the critically injured or ill patient to the appropriate trauma center. Any calls for the squad should be made by calling 911.


fire_0008_Fire-Training-Nov-7-2009-389.jpgThe members of the Brecksville Fire Department are trained in many different areas of technical rescue and heavy rescue. We have members trained in rope rescue, river, and ice rescue. We also have members trained in confined space rescue, trench rescue, vehicle extrication, and many more specialized areas. The fire department is also a member of the S.E.R.T. team. The S.E.R.T. team is a technical rescue team that is composed of 19 communities in the southwest portion of Cuyahoga County. The S.E.R.T. team has a few members on every department that are all trained in specialized rescue, hazardous materials, and fire investigation. The S.E.R.T. team has over 100 members, and we currently have 8 of our firefighters on the team.

Simulation (SIM) Lab Training

During the month of September 2016, the Brecksville Fire Department hosted the Cleveland Clinic Mobile SIM unit. Members of the Brecksville and Independence fire departments trained together on realistic patient scenarios. This advanced technology allowed our members to sharpen their emergency medical skills. Through the use of this technology, the simulation manikins can talk, breath, bleed, and almost every patient skill can be exercised.Mobile Stroke Unit Partnership

Cleveland Clinic’s mobile stroke unit

The City of Brecksville has recently partnered with the Cleveland Clinic’s mobile stroke unit. This specialized ambulance unit carriers stroke-specific drugs, a CT scanner, and teleconferencing equipment for field consultation by a physician. The unit is staffed with a paramedic, a critical care nurse, and a CT technician. Upon their arrival to a stroke incident, the crew will take over emergency medical operations being conducted by our city’s paramedics. The specialized crew will take patients needing further stroke treatment to their hospital of choice if deemed suitable for their case.

Clinic personnel said an untreated stroke victim typically loses about 2 million brain cells per minute. Through this partnership advanced treatment will be accelerated, thus increasing chances for survivability.

When a stroke call is received by our fire department, our ambulance and staff will immediately respond to the scene. While responding, the mobile stroke unit will be notified to coordinate advanced care. The unit may meet the ambulance directly on scene or at a pre-determined location to transfer patient care.

Our paramedics, EMTs, and dispatchers recently conducted a joint training session with the mobile stroke unit staff to ensure timely notification and cutting-edge stroke care.

The Lucus

lucas-(1).pngIn order to be able to save the lives of sudden cardiac arrest patients and avoid neurological damage, a steady supply of oxygen to the heart and brain is necessitated. Life-sustaining circulation can be created through effective and uninterrupted chest compressions. Performing manual chest compressions of high quality is both difficult and tiring, and impossible in certain situations such as ascending and descending stairs, loading and unloading the patient.

Firemen receive training on the LUCAS™

The LUCAS™ Chest Compression System is a safe and efficient tool that provides uninterrupted standardized chest compressions in accordance with the latest scientific guidelines. By doing this, it frees up rescuers to focus on other life-saving tasks.

In June 2013, the Brecksville Fire Department acquired a LUCAS device to ensure to highest quality CPR is being performed. The new LUCAS device has already been used by our department and has proven to be very effective.


KingVISION_training.pngThe KingVISION is a revolutionary high performance portable video laryngoscope that enables paramedics to be more efficient in obtaining an airway when a patient is unable to breath. The KingVISION technology offers paramedics an immediate and clear view of the vocal cords, resulting in a more accurate intubation. In July, the Brecksville Fire Department acquired two KingVISION kits to ensure both of our frontline ambulances are equipped with this life-saving technology. (Pictured above) KingVISION training session.